Hey there! I’m Eileen, photographer/boss/owner of Eileen Meny Photography. I am a Brooklyn-based photographer. I grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut, graduated from Brown University with a degree in Theater Arts, and have now been living in NYC for the past nine years.

Coney Island in the winter is one of my favorite places and the best boat ride in the city is the Staten Island ferry at sunrise. New York has some pretty great food too – lookin’ at you Joseph Leonard and the Hana Food deli counter. The last vacation I took was a solo road trip from Palm Springs, CA to New Orleans. I camped in a few national parks along the way and fell a bit in love with West Texas. As much as I love New York and exploring new places, spending time with my family in my hometown makes me really damn happy. My nieces and nephews have an enormous part of my heart and I don’t like going too long without proper hugs, cars rides, and reading bedtime books to them.

My Thoughts on Weddings

As a wedding photographer I tell the story of your wedding day.  Before I was a photographer I was an actor.  The art of storytelling has always been a part of my life, and it’s an honor to now tell these stories through my photography.

I’m interested in capturing the sincere moments of your wedding day so you can look back at the photos years later and remember exactly how everything felt. I don’t have a pollyanna view of weddings – I know they can be full of anxiety and stress. I want you to have fun on your wedding day and to be more in love with each other by the end of the night. I want to photograph you. No forced smiles or awkward poses. What I ask is for you to give yourself the chance to step away from the fanfare for a bit on your wedding day, so you can both be present with each other and be yourselves. 

I’m always looking for the laughter, embraces, tears of joy, and graceful movement on a wedding day.  What continues to inspire me is the uniqueness of each couple I meet and seeing how you light each other up. Two people making a commitment to build a life together. That is what I find the most beautiful about weddings. And if you’re a little camera shy, don’t worry. I have a mostly documentary approach, but I’m happy to offer some light direction – I won’t leave you hanging without knowing what to do with your hands.

I don’t really like calling a wedding “the best day ever” because I’d like to think that you’ll have days/weeks/years to come that will be more joyful than the next. That’s my hope for all my couples. If my words and photos click with you, send me a note. Lets meet up for a coffee/drink to talk about working together and making some beautiful photos. Cheers, e 

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Portrait by my friend Bo, of Bashful Captures