Oona & Katie.  October, Brooklyn, Prospect Park, a bespoke suit, a killer jumpsuit, live performances by friends, a ceremony concluded by their Dad’s popping open champagne, and so so many hugs.  There is nothing I didn’t love about this day.  I met up with Oona and Katie at their Brooklyn apartment and then walked through Prospect Park to the Picnic house (no cabs! no buses! no crazy transpo situation! ah! glorious!).  Despite a rainy day forecast, it turned into an idyllic early October day.  Oona and Katie decided to start their wedding with a cocktail hour.  A favorite part of the evening was watching guests arrive and erupt into smiles the moment they saw Oona or Katie.  Such a honor to hang out with these two for the day and capture their joy and all the delight they bring to their friends and family.  Congratulations Oona and Katie!!

Venue: Picnic House Oona’s Suit: Bindle and Keep Invites: Designed by Oona Hair: Carlo Marco Salon 

Also…..Oona is a phenomenal lighting designer, check it!