About 3 years ago I was waitressing and a customer left me a 5 Euro note as a tip.  I was a little irritated, but then I figured money is money and maybe it was a sign that I would be heading to a Euro using country soon.


It took me a little longer than I had hoped, but I am leaving tonight to go to Italy- Rome, Venice, and Florence.  I’ll be checking out these cities and also attending Nordica Photography’s Way Up North conference in Rome.  They held their first conference in Stockholm this past fall.  Their podcast interviewing all the speakers was what got me through my drives  between New York, Cape Cod, and Connecticut last fall.  I am particularly excited to hear Sam Hurd and Oli Sansom speak, both excellent wedding photographers who also do stunning portrait work.

A little photography/travel/photo recap….

1.  I went to  WPPI (the largest/most popular wedding photography conference) two years ago in Vegas.  I went by myself, was a beginner in the wedding photography world, and the only speaker I recognized was Peter Hurley, because he had taken a few of my friends’ headshots.  Rather than go to conference parties I wandered the back streets of Vegas and took a hike out in Red Rocks.  I think I probably talked to about 4 people.  My main goal this trip is to be a little less shy and try to talk to a few more photographers.EMP_LasVegas-2EMP_LasVegas-5

2.  The last time I traveled abroad was to visit Russia.  I convinced three friends that it was a great idea to spend New Years Eve in St. Petersburg.  It ended up being the best New Years Eve I’ve ever enjoyed, but Russia is also a confusing/difficult place to visit, especially in January.  At one point after feeling lost/misguided for 10th, 20th, 100th time, I chucked my guide book in a frozen snow field filled with statues of Lenin and walked away.  My friend dug it out of the snow and after some tears followed by laughter, we realized there was a statue of a big man on a little boat and everything would be alright.  I did buy a guide book for this trip, and I hope it “works” a little better than my Russian one.


3.  I made two new friends on Saturday.  I am very excited for this trip, but I also can’t wait to come back to the city and hang out a little more with these guys, Josie and Felix, my newest (twin) niece and nephew. ❤️❤️.  Ciao!!EMP_Felix Josie-1