James and Jess are dear friends of mine. They did a thing. They didn’t call it a wedding….but there were many similarities. James asked me to snap some pics during their lunch at Osteria Philadelphia, but said I could only do it if I promised to be in 90% party mode while taking the photos. For most weddings I photograph I take multiple cameras, about 6 lenses, and various lighting equipment – for James and Jess I took 1 camera, a couple lenses, and drank a bottle of rosé.  Rosé tipsy or not, photographing this was a delight –  which makes sense, because so are James and Jess, and the family of parents, grandparents, and friends that they keep. Toasts were made, songs were sung, Shakespeare was recited, and vows were said.  There was also a delicious meal.  After lunch everyone was invited to wander the Grounds for Sculpture.  There was a cake that read, “Happy Wedding?” and there was a pizza dance party in the parking lot while it rained.  There was no official marriage certificate, but I don’t think it mattered in this case. James and Jess, love you both, and I’m grateful that I get to see the beautiful life you continue to build with each other.

Venue: Osteria Philly Park: Grounds for Sculpture James Suit: Michael Andrews Bespoke Jess Dress: Marrimeko Cake: Stop & Shop